"Innovation changes lives. 

The next one is here."

- Jody Schnarr, Fibernetics CEO

One communications platform to connect your teammates, customers, and vendors, for free.

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Communitech's Tech News: Communication is Key by Kevin Crawley

Imagine talking by video call to a customer in Quebec. She’s speaking French, you’re speaking English, but you both hear one another in the language of your choice thanks to real-time translation.

Cambridge-based telecom provider Fibernetics says it will soon offer such a service through a new unified-communications platform called Nucleus.

“With voice-to-voice real-time translation we are leveraging AI to break down existing social, economic, interpersonal and geographical barriers,” said John Stix, co-founder and Chief of Staff and Brand. “You can select an available language... read more


What is Nucleus?

Nucleus is the first of its kind FREE Business Communications app. 

Nucleus gives you:

  • a business phone number, with team extensions
  • team chat (both group & DMs), video calling, and file sharing
  • text messaging capability; receive texts from your customers & vendors through your business phone number and anyone on your team can respond

Unify your employee, vendor, and client communications in one platform, for FREE.

Is Nucleus for Me?

Nucleus has been made for entrepreneurs and SME owners in Canada, looking to save money on their communication costs. 

Nucleus helps you leverage the latest in technology to optimize collaboration and enhance communication.

What do I get with Nucleus?

How Do We Make it Free?

We're just getting started.
Paid AI-enhanced capabilities coming soon! 

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